The World's Most Advanced Virtual Aquarium

       Dentist - Doctors - Aged Care


Great for Engaging Both Children and Adults
NOW you can have a beautiful stocked Aquarium without any of the hassles below  ... and enjoy the peace and relaxation they give. 

NO Maintenance or Tank Cleaning

NO Fish Food Costs

NO Unsuspecting Filter Breakdowns

NO Leaking Tanks

NO Sick or Dead Fish

NO Chance of Infectious Diseases 

Virtual Aquarium Features
  • Up to 40 different varieties and colours available.
  • Automatic fish feeding.
  • Full High Definition "Smart" LED Television.
 All Inclusive Standard Virtual Aquarium Installation​
  1. 43" - 65" ​Framed LED Full HD Screens (Framing to suit your decor, style & colour)
  2. Wall Mounted with Special Bracket.
  3. Automatic Virtual Reality Feeding of Fish.
  4. Unit may be utilised as a Normal Smart HD TV if required, by simply selecting input on TV Remote Control.
  5. Copyright Clearance Rights.

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